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We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion
Good things happen when people can move, whether across town or toward their dreams. Opportunities appear, open up, become reality. What started as a way to tap a button to get a ride has led to billions of moments of human connection as people around the world go all kinds of places in all kinds of ways with the help of our technology.
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We work daily to exceed the expectations of our customers, meeting deadlines and presenting the best solutions for each project
To assume this commitment, the motivation of our teams is to analyze each project in a critical and creative way, always oriented towards the best solution.
The personal and professional development of our employees is the way to reach the best solutions, surprising and overcoming all challenges with ambition and confidence.
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Our values
Our values ​​are the benchmark for developing excellent work, from the first to the last day of each project, creating value, always with a focus on the quality of the final product.
Rigor and Commitment
Rigor in processes, strict compliance with rules and rigor in relations with partners and customers. Commitment to ensure technical competence in all activities that we develop.
Humility and Integrity
We believe that relationships are built based on humility, respect and integrity, whether it be relationships with partners and employees, or with the environment.
Common sense and communicational clarity
It is not possible not to communicate. It is therefore essential that communication is done in a simple and clear way so that the message is consistent and perfectly understood by the recipient.
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For All
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Growing up together Stay strong together
We believe that there is strength in unity. That is why we put all our resource at your service to maximize the success and the quality of your product. And we don’t stop here, the key to success lies in durability, we will follow your project for its complete lifespan.
Established in 2000 as one of the group members of KDDI group. mediba has been working on multiple fields of services such as “au smart pass” and other “au” related services in both domestic and international market. Based on “Happiness for all” mission, we will try our best on doing our services to bring truly happiness to all our customers and business partners.
“Vietlink company has been giving development and operation services for smartphone such as “au smart pass” that mediba is working together with KDDI to promote. As a trustworthy partner with high quality operation, we would like to continue further cooperating with Vietlink in the future.”
Shingo Niori
Mediba’s CEO
Mekong Communications is the Marcom service provider. Through over 12 years of digital marketing innovation and expertise, we significantly contribute to Top Vietnam Brands. Equipping with professional tools, and dynamic talented teams, we have been acknowledged as a top choice of Vietnam brand- building agency.
“We believe in people’s ability, especially the Vietnamese people, whose capability to learn and create, and potential to innovate and contribute to growth for our and clients.”
Thanh Nguyen
Mekong’s Founder & Deputy Director
KDDI Vietnam
KDDI Vietnam is a subsidiary of KDDI Corporation, a Japanese Telecommunications and IT solutions provider, that offers a variety of global and local ICT solution services including network services, mobile solutions, RPA/BPA, IoT, and digital transformation.
“KDDI’s subsidiary mediba, as well as Vietlink, support the planning, development and operation of KDDI’s “au Smart Pass,” a smartphone service that boasts more than 15 million users in Japan. In Vietnam, we work on accelerating digital transformation as a website and mobile application development partner for corporations aiming for B to B and B to C businesses.”
Masaya Taguchi
General Director, KDDI Vietnam
Growing up
Board of Directors messages
michinobu sugimoto, CEO
“Link Vietnam and the world, make people happiness through creativity and engineering.”
As I take Vietlink, I’m committed to building three pillars of a business. The first is an “Outsourcing business” that makes the best use of high quarity IT engineer in Vietnam for Japanese companies. The second is a “Solution business” that solves the problems for support continued growth of Vietnamese companies. The third is a “New business” that through build our service, we will create new value for Vietnamese and world users.
nguyen trung thanh, PRESIDENT
“We believe that in our industry, each market has its very own characteristics and needs strong management to generate substantial and relevant growth for our clients.”
Vietlink ’s philosophy is “unlock the potential of people and technologies” With Vietlink ‘s unique set of people from the fields of Data Sciences, Software Development, and Media Sciences, we create Technological leaps that propel progress in Business, Culture, and Lifestyles. With a professional attitude and experience, we are proud to be apart of our client’s success and development.
We’re heading with all visionary & enthusiastic managers
Do Thuy Quynh Loan
General Manager
Kouta Miyakawa
General Manager
Aymeric Cheron
General Manager
We’re heading with all visionary & enthusiastic managers
Kouta Miyakawa
Aymeric Cheron
Do Thuy Quynh Loan
Some highlighted nodes on our way
  • 2019
    Moved HCM office to Sonatus Building
  • 2017
    Moved HCM office to Saigon Centre Tower 2. Started Development Business and Product Development Outsourcing Services
  • 2016
    Cooperated with Viettel, Mediba & Mekong Communications to launch Mgift Service. Established the representative office in Ha Noi at CTSC Building.
  • 2015
    Launched Bus Advertising — OOH Services
  • 2014
    Established Vietlink office at Saigon Trade Center
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